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Review Process


Immediately after submission, this check is initially carried out by the managing editor to assess:




The academic editor, including Editor-in-chief for regular submission, or guest editor for special issue submission or editorial board member for conflict of interest, will be informed of the submission and invited to check and recommend the reviewers.

Peer Review

The process is single-blind for most journals, that’s to say, the author does not know the identity of the reviewer, but the reviewer knows the identity of the author. Some journals operate double-blind peer review and/or open peer-review process.

Each submitted article shall be sent to at least two qualified reviewers in our database. The comments of the reviewers can be made by the academic editor during the pre-check. The comments of the reviewers are generally communicated to the authors within 30 days of submission. Authors should contact the Editorial Office if the delay has been longer.

All reviewers shall meet the following requirements:




The assistant editors shall assist the academic editors to handle all communications with the reviewers, authors, and the external auditors. Academic Editors can check the status of manuscripts and the identity of reviewers at any time. Reviewers are given two weeks to write their review comments. For the review of a revised manuscript, reviewers are asked to provide their report within four days. In both cases, extensions can be granted on request.

Editor Decision

When an editorial decision is made, the academic editor will check:

The editor can make a selection from: Accept, Reject, Ask Author for Revision, Ask for Another Reviewer.

The editorial office will use the industry standard iThenticate software if a paper is suspect of any plagiarism. For the benefit of the authors, Editors-in-Chief will justify their decision, when they are free to disagree with the views or recommendations made by the reviewers.


The author is usually requested to revise the paper before handing it to the external editor when only minor revisions are recommended. Articles may or may not be sent to reviewers after author revision. It is dependent on whether the reviewer requested to see the revised version or the revision was made on the request of the Academic editor. Apart from any exceptional circumstances, we allow a maximum of two rounds of major revision per manuscript.

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