Qingres is Officially Included by the CNKI

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Qingres is officially included by China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) via the A&I Metadata Feed License Agreement signed by both parties on August 2, 2016. With high quality content resources, leading edge technology and professional services, CNKI enjoys a high reputation in academia in China. Started and first launched by Tsinghua University and Tsinghua Tongfang Holding Group in June 1999, CNKI is dedicated to the mass digitalization of China knowledge resources, as well as creating the platform for global dissemination and value-added services.  

After being included in CNKI, Qingres and its journals will share the data with the CNKI and the articles in our journals will be cited by the peers, so our reputation will be improved further. As the most comprehensive system of China academic knowledge resources, CNKI can also share the academic development of psychiatry and brain sciences between Chinese scientist and the world. 

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