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The Debut of the latest JPBS Special Issue at the Two International Conferences is in Hot Pursuit

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JPBS (Journal of Psychiatry and Brain Science) of Qingres’ new special issue intensively debuts at the two famous international Congresses: WCPG (World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics) and ASHG (American Society of Human Genetics), which were in hot pursuit.


JPBS' new "Debate on the omnigenic model" (Click) written by 7 famous scholars including Professor Chunyu Liu from University ofIllinois and Professor Elliot S. Gershon (Chairman) of American Psychiatric Association, was an in-depth review of the cutting-edge article "An Expanded View of Complex Traits: From Polygenic to Omnigenic" from the CELL, it has been published in this special issue, and open for discussions with readers, many discussions were held to date.


WCPG was the annual congress held by ISPG (International Society of Psychiatric Genetics) in Orlando of the United States during 13th – 17th October 2017, JPBS' special issue "Debate on the omnigenic model" has been cited by many reports in this Congress, which has attracted hot pursuits by the attendees. Meanwhile, together with SIPG, JPBS has set up the "Travel Award", sponsoring 4 selected outstanding researchers all over the world to attend this congress, which was widely praised. The sponsored researchers were all received individual awards at the WCPG congress.


ASHG congress was held in Orlando of the United States during 17th – 21st October 2017, over one thousand participants attended this congress. JPBS’ special issue was covered in a featured report, and discussed by many participants; it was also widely acclaimed by the attendees.


Following the JPBS’ debuts in many international congresses, its brand and reputation continue to expand, the number of global writers and readers, the volume of official website viewers keeps spiraling too.


JPBS editors’ team will keep working hard, with the aim to produce good journals, to better serve outstanding researchers globally, and to better support the development of scientific researches. 

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